Sunday, December 27, 2009

Out, Angels, Out

Out, angels, out -- into the world:
With your banners now unfurled,
Bearing the name your maker gave you,
Sharing the word you know will save you;
Out, angels, out: alow, above,
Through the narrow gate of love.

Women, be strong, be fierce, be proud:
No more wait to be allowed!
You are the chasers of your pleasure,
Making the moment, setting the measure;
Out, angels, out: alow, above,
On the rounding road of love.

Children, become the light you are,
Carried from the morning star!
Welcome and talk to every stranger;
Your daily bread is in the manger;
Out, angels, out: alow, above,
From the rising sun of love.

Men, come at last -- your will is done!
Halt the dogged ring you run!
Glory and truth need no defender;
Peace will come when you surrender;
Out, angels, out: alow, above,
Cross the perfect way of love.

Angels, appear, unclothe the soul,
Body, spirit naked, whole!
You are the sign you dreamed of seeing,
Hope fulfilled in your own being;
Out, angels, out: alow, above,
Down the bending path of love.

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