Thursday, August 18, 2011

Call and Response

"My young adulthood is coming to an end." But not your youth.

"I am undertaking an expedition." Ridiculous. You are a moviegoer, and your life is a film festival.

"There is a path, and I see it leads me straight and true." This is no time for tourists. There is a person who must walk straight and true, or there is no person at all.

"A sign of contradiction ... a fool for Christ." And a legend in your own mind.

"There is a book within, and it has got to come out." Aye, ordinary words. What low ambition.

"She said, 'Do what you love.' " Do Who you love. Love does not know What.

"I said, "I will do works of love." Love longs for a human Being.

"O God, come to our assistance." You mean, "O God, come to our insistence."

"God helps those who help themselves." Amen, they already have their reward.

"Healing Spirit, set us free." The free are beyond victory and praise.

"A prayer in distress." Indeed. Hopefully, without despair.

"They're looking for answers." Don't answer. Don't tell them anything. Give them a response.

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